Loose Ended: Careless and Unprepared

Well, I’m frankly a touch mistrustful of the lasting power of this journey.  It began too spontaneously. It wasn’t thought through. I just boom did it and didn’t think much about it.  A classic recipe for long-term failure (according to pretty much everyone… amiright?) However, there is a fair amount hope mixed in with these fixin’s.

You see, my repertoire usually consists of endlessly researching something for days or weeks.  I ponder, I plan, and animate everyone around me in the process.  I sell my grand supporters (my incredible spouse and my hesitant family) on my fantastic idea – and then just as quickly- FIZZZzzzzlllleee.  The flame goes out.

This quick burning match may have found a slow burning candle in plan-less doing. When a roller coaster process is historically my standard fare- I wonder if a lack of over-thought will be just what the doctor ordered.

For that reason, I will also, for now, be keeping all the classic-Kathryn-hype to a minimum. I don’t want to think about this or talk about it too much.  (I am contemplating posting this on social media, but if I do, I may have to pretend that I have no idea what you are talking about if you bring it up to me.)

And you know, I actually find it refreshing that I didn’t obsessively plan this out.  I haven’t had all the fun already! I haven’t used up any of my excitement or energy in researching and dreaming.  (Some of us can live an entire life-long adventure simply in the planning and dreaming phase.*raised hand*)   This could really work for me, you know? But here’s the tricky part. How does one go about not-planning (or over-thinking) which loose end to tie up first? *fingers.itching.to.make.an.exhaustive.list…* *it.would.take.weeks.though.*

Where would you start?


Published by

Kathryn Osmond

I am a mother of 4, navy wife, homeschooler, and professional researcher/starter of projects.

3 thoughts on “Loose Ended: Careless and Unprepared”

  1. ❤️
    Make a list in your bujo of all your tasks/ideas and then rank them in terms of priority???
    This had to be super spontaneous because I’d didn’t know about it 😆
    I kind of like the spontaneity of it. If it’s just for fun or therapeutic maybe you won’t feel bad if you miss a day or a week. #noshame
    Love you!


    1. Yes this is exactly what I am soo itching to do! But it will be so much fun to make a beautiful, glorious list in my BuJo that I want to save up the fun. I know it’s strange but I’m feeling scientific about that hypothesis and I really want to see if it works! Save the fun for the doing! Maybe it will help me? Who knows! I’m one big human science project lately lol! Love you Friend. 💜


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