Necessary(?) Side Note

So- I’m sorry to be like this. I don’t think it matters really for this Journey-Toward-Many-Endings- but it might matter to someone. And so, for the sake of transparency, (and for a little more background,)  here goes.

Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with ADHD.  I am 38 years old. If you can’t possibly relate to why finishing something might be so difficult; if you can’t wrap your head around the elation and (it turns out.. medication..) I get from dreaming up, obsessing over, and learning everything about newfangled ideas and interesting things… or if you find yourself thinking “well everyone has things that are half finished.. why is this a big deal?” Well-  then you likely do not have ADHD praise Heaven above! (Honestly- if you have read the entirety of this blog thus far without skimming or skipping; you likely do not have ADHD. Again, thank Heavens!)

**Although there is the possibility that I am just THAT engaging. Which would be a huge compliment! ( It should be my goal! Be interesting enough that busy-like-minded individuals can read this. It should be everyone’s goal actually…) **(If I were allowing myself to plan ahead enough to have a goal that is.) **

I only mention this because of the 1 in 10 people in the USA who have a similarly distracted-by-shiny-objects mind.  It’s for the 1 in 10 people nationwide that are married to someone like me and living this roller coaster life.  I take medication.  But I still leave so many things un-ended.

And since 1 in 10 people in the United States are also quick burning matches– how fun to attempt a journey to the “other” side!  It may not be possible, to be honest, (and I am open to discovering that if you are) but I might keep the motto “To boldly go where no busy-brain has gone before!” in mind.  And very sincerely, it still boils down to how much a steady supply of good-old-fashioned-finish-line-crossing could really work wonders for my soul.


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Kathryn Osmond

I am a mother of 4, navy wife, homeschooler, and professional researcher/starter of projects.

2 thoughts on “Necessary(?) Side Note”

    1. I actually got the word from the book “Is it you, me or adult A.D.D.” which is basically a book for people married to someone with ADHD. lol! It was a really fantastic (and for me, actually very sobering and kind of traumatic) read. (Could it really be like this to be married to me???) <3.


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