Loose Ended: Careless and Unprepared

Well, I’m frankly a touch mistrustful of the lasting power of this journey.  It began too spontaneously. It wasn’t thought through. I just boom did it and didn’t think much about it.  A classic recipe for long-term failure (according to pretty much everyone… amiright?) However, there is a fair amount hope mixed in with these fixin’s.

You see, my repertoire usually consists of endlessly researching something for days or weeks.  I ponder, I plan, and animate everyone around me in the process.  I sell my grand supporters (my incredible spouse and my hesitant family) on my fantastic idea – and then just as quickly- FIZZZzzzzlllleee.  The flame goes out.

This quick burning match may have found a slow burning candle in plan-less doing. When a roller coaster process is historically my standard fare- I wonder if a lack of over-thought will be just what the doctor ordered.

For that reason, I will also, for now, be keeping all the classic-Kathryn-hype to a minimum. I don’t want to think about this or talk about it too much.  (I am contemplating posting this on social media, but if I do, I may have to pretend that I have no idea what you are talking about if you bring it up to me.)

And you know, I actually find it refreshing that I didn’t obsessively plan this out.  I haven’t had all the fun already! I haven’t used up any of my excitement or energy in researching and dreaming.  (Some of us can live an entire life-long adventure simply in the planning and dreaming phase.*raised hand*)   This could really work for me, you know? But here’s the tricky part. How does one go about not-planning (or over-thinking) which loose end to tie up first? *fingers.itching.to.make.an.exhaustive.list…* *it.would.take.weeks.though.*

Where would you start?